‘Dialogue with Trouw Nutrition –Technology, Management, People & Culture’,TN China’s webcast series attracted more than 210,000 viewers

31 October 2020

In order to show a full picture of our company to Chinese audiences, TN China launched a “Dialogue with Trouw Nutrition” webcast series in October. Once a week at Sunday night, via the form of conversazione, we showed TN China’s different aspects of technology, management, people and culture.

The participant list was widely ranged: from internal employees, to the most well-know experts in Chinese animal health industry; from front-line workers in production plants, to the CEO in headquarter office. From the angles of different people with different positions, we hope to display a panoramic image of an innovative, collaborative, capable and caring Trouw Nutrition.

The “Dialogue with Trouw Nutrition” webcast series was a great success, attracting more than 210,000viewers.

Click below links to watch rebroadcast (language: Chinese; subtitle: Chinese & English)

-        Dialogue with Trouw Nutrition – Technology

-        Dialogue with Trouw Nutrition – Management

-        Dialogue with Trouw Nutrition – People & Culture

Innovative technology cannot live without good management. While what behind management is people and the culture. For TN China, this webcast series means not only a marketing activity. It seems more like a process of analyses, cognition and introspection for ourselves. Now the broadcast has came to an end, but TN China will never stop moving!