Enjoy your Europe learning trip

10 May 2016

As a Nutreco company , we Trouw Nutrtion China firmly believes that as long as we persist in learning we will finally achieve our goals. We Trouw Nutrition China Farm
Sales organized the sales competition for 2016-Enjoy your Europe learning trip by accomplishing your 2016 sales target.

In 2016 ,we are honored to have invited the high-level customers  who have accomplished the target for the Europe learning trip,visiting in Nutreco headquarters and the swine lab to get better understanding of Nutreco and learn more advanced R&D skill of the production technology.

One customer said: "Thanks Trouw Nutrition China to invite us for this learning trip and it is really beneficial to us. we got a full image and more clear and in-depth understanding of Nutreco, the advanced breeding technology, product R&D skills, QA ,etc. “

We TNC got good feedback from our customers for this visit and hope we will get a long term business cooperation with them .

Also we thank you for Nutreco Headquarters’ good support and cooperation.