Trouw Nutrition China “Life Start Sets Life Performance” Swine Seminars

15 November 2016

Trouw Nutrition China held six “Life Start Sets Life Performance” swine seminars in Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Fujian province of southern China .

Totally about 400 customers together with Nutreco HQ swine nutrition experts Sandra Paredes (Technical Manager Piglet Nutrition, Global Marketing Animal Nutrition) and Herman Janssen (Sales manager Milkiwean Nederland) and Trouw Nutrition China Technical, TSC and sales team joined the seminars. They had a deep communication and discussion around topics like "How to deal with the challenges facing China's swine industry", "Piglets and sow breeding management", "Yogurt" and so on.

During the six seminars, Mr. Hu introduced Nutrco and Trouw Nutrion China. Dr Zhang and Mr Shi showed Nutreco Research & Development strength and "Yogurt" which is newly introduced to China. Finally Sandra and Herman's excellent speech brought the climax. They gave a detailed introduction about “Life Start Sets Life Performance” project and piglets and sow breeding management.

Through these seminars not only customers had a deeper understanding of how to achieve best swine production performance, but also it is an innovation for the whole Chinese swine market. Hope to bring more surprise in the following seminars in the near future!