Trouw Nutrition China new production lines & new brands release

30 August 2015

Innovation - Creating more value together

 Opening Ceremony of Trouw Nutrition China new production lines & new brands release

 On Monday, Aug 31, Trouw Nutrition China celebrates the opening of the new production lines and new brands release with customers, distinguished guests and partners. The event was in conjunction with seminars for both Swine and Dairy in Xiangtan city, Hunan province, China.

 We are proudly announced the opening of Trouw Nutrition China new production lines in Hunan plant and the new brands release during the opening ceremony held at Paragon hotel in Xiangtan, Hunan province, China. The ceremony was attended by more than 400 guests and customers, meanwhile we were honored to have the Nutreco HQ delegation visits lead by Mr. Knut Nesse and Mr. Samson Li.

 Mr. Knut Nesse, CEO of Nutreco greeted the guests during the Opening with speech on “Today we are witnessing a great milestone, marked as the official opening of Trouw Nutrition China new production lines in Hunan plant, which underscores our commitment to the China market. It enables us to further grow our business in south areas of China, as we build a full fledge operation, an operation that helps our customers and partners increasing efficiency, profitability and to provide a better and healthy animal products for the China customers”.

 The Opening ceremony was marked with the new brands release video focusing on bringing the new company logo “Trouw Nutrition” and the concept brands “Life Start” and “NutriOpt” and the complete product group brands into the venue with well-organized positioning on a FORMULA ONE, travel at full speed with the upgrading of factory operations, innovative products, added-value services and models. The ceremony concluded with the presentation on brand essence of Maxcare by Mr. Tim Hickman, Portfolio Manager Ruminants, and presentation on Milkiwean Positioning and Customer Benefits by Mr. Jan Soumar, Portfolio Manager Swine.

 The event was also held in conjunction with the Seminars for Swine session - Life Start Sets Life Performance, and Dairy session - Maxcare Farm Minerals, Balanced to perform. The HQ technical experts, professor from University, senior analyst from Rabobank were invited to make presentations around China’s market analysis, the importance of early nutrition, animal raising & management, and innovative nutritional solutions with our broad portfolio Trouw Nutrition - creating more value together.

The event has been acknowledged as a success by all participants. According to Mr. Samson Li, BU Managing Director Nutreco Asia, “This is a proud day for Trouw Nutrition China. Our new production lines recognize our commitment to China customers and partners from the past, the release of the global new brands hierarchy highlights the vibrant future that we envision moving forward.”