Trouw Nutrition China successfully passed the monitoring of the MOA 2020

31 October 2020

On October 30, 2020, learned from the website of the Ministry of Agriculture that Trouw Nutrition China(TNC) sampled products passed the test. Combined with the previous on-site inspection, we have successfully passed the monitoring of the MOA in 2020!

Generally, the China MOA will organize two monitoring of feed quality and safety nationwide every year, which has a great impact on the whole industry and is the focus of all feed enterprises. Due t o the COVID-19, it adjusted to one time. It is very important for the Beijing plant to pass the inspection.

 TNC general manager Lisa Fan, Technical director Ruohan Zhang, Marketing director Mancang Shi and others colleague attended the on-site audit. Accompanied by Chen Lei, manager of production department, the audit experts visited the raw material warehouse, production workshop, finished product warehouse, label warehouse. Simone Zhou, the quality manager, introduced the quality management system and policies to the audit experts. After the on-site inspection and the inspection of the records, the experts gave positive evaluation to the quality and the site management of our company. Then they sampled three products and sent them to a third party for inspection. At present, we have received the information from the MOA that all the sample tested products are qualified.

We would like to thank all the colleagues for their efforts in this work, your efforts are essential to the completion of the work. Thank you!