Quality Assurance

Nutreco is specialized in the field of animal nutrition multinational corporations; follow the "food safety" and "sustainability" two strategic objectives. To ensure the quality and safety of feed products is our prerequisite and guarantee for achieving the objectives.

Trouw Nutrition China strictly enforces the quality policy of Nutreco, strictly enforces the unique and professional Nutrace® product quality assurance system of Nutreco. Monitor and manage the whole process of supplier selection and management, raw material evaluation and purchasing, production process control, logistics Management, etc. And fully implement 5S quality management procedures on each production base. Advocating clean, orderly, safe and efficient production to ensure the supply chain quality and safety to meet the requirements of Nutreco. Nutreco is very concerned about employee health and corporate social responsibility. The branches implement the Nutrace/ Nuterra/ HSE management system. The quality, sustainability, health, safety, environment are integrated and managed together. Establish quality management philosophy, and to make this concept into reality. To ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system, the company also certificated by two international management system certification, ISO22000 food safety management system and the ISO9001 quality management system, regular audit and evaluate quality management system objectively and professionally, continue to improve self-management level through PDCA quality management concepts.

Quality provides value! Nutreco provide a unified feed to food quality assurance system to protect the quality of Nutreco products, to provide high-value for customers, partners and  Nutreco!