Production Bases

Trouw Nutrition Chian has two production bases located in Beijing and Hunan, mainly produce animal nutrition products.

beijing factory

Beijing Production Base

The Beijing factory, built in 1993 and covering an area of 13,000 square meters, is located in Majuqiao town, Tongzhou District, Beijing, the northeast corner of the junction of G2 expressway and South Sixth Ring Road, enjoying convenient transportation and logistics.

The base has six independent production plants, producing pre-mixed feed of various proportions. The base is equipped with international-standard production lines for vitamin, water-soluble vitamin and premixes and farm minerals. Inventory management is carried out through the Nutriciel system, and the production process is controlled by the SCADA system, covering such procedures as ingredients releasing, formulating, mixing, packaging, etc. All Ingredients and products are stacked with trays and stored on tridimensional racks. The advanced equipment system guarantees the quality of our products and maintains high production efficiency.

Hunan Production Base

The production base in Hunan was put into production in 2002. It is located in the High-tech Economic Development Zone in Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, covering an area of 20 mu(around 13,333.33 square meters).Close to the National Grain Reserves with a special railway line and next to the National Highway 107, it has quite convenient transportation.

The Base has three independent production lines for high-grade piglet feeds, premixes and farm minerals, respectively. Most equipment was introduced from Europe. They are highly automatic, and the products are of safe and controllable quality. In September 2015, the Hunan Base completed the upgrading of the production plants and equipment, which not only expanded the existing production capacity, but also improved operational efficiency and work environment. The upgrading built a good foundation for the production capacity of global innovative products, products and services in the South China regional market, and laid a solid foundation for the organic growth within the Group.

hunan factory