With a worldwide growing demand for proteins, consumption of products such as eggs and chicken meat is on the increase. However, most producers are experiencing downward pressure on egg & poultry prices, while feed costs continue to rise. This imbalance is hurting poultry businesses.

At Trouw Nutrition we have focused our innovation in this sector on finding new ways of achieving feeding efficiency and enhanced performance (FCR, uniformity, bodyweight). Our aim is to help restore the balance between feed costs, technical performance and economic performance (reducing the impact of falling prices).

Here is a typical example of how to address this requirement.


Poultry farmers and broiler integrators with their own feed mills are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase efficiency and performance, while reducing production costs. Most of them want to optimise the technical results of their poultry operation such as litter quality and animal welfare on an on-going basis.


It starts with looking at the entire production chain, from feed mill to slaughter house, and first analysing the feed. We investigate what type of structural components are offered in the current broiler feeds and – using data from our worldwide research programme – pinpoint the optimum quality and quantity to use. Structural components are the ones that stimulate gizzard development and absorption of nutrients, leading to improved FCR.


Finely ground feed tends to result in reduced nutrient absorption by the animal. Coarse feed, however, stimulates gizzard development and function, leading to higher nutrient absorption and resulting in improved performance and lower feed costs. One approach, then, is to replace grains with more effective and economic alternatives in the broiler diets, and implement this in the feed formulation systems. The altered diet should result in an improved feed conversion rate and an overall reduction of the feed costs – restoring the balance both technically and economically, as well as increasing the customer’s profitability.