Understanding the challenges facing swine farmers is at the heart of our philosophy on effective innovation. We know that next to improved performance and health, swine farmers value increased feed efficiency.

The insights we’ve gained into farmers’ needs and into their production environment have led to the development of a high quality range of products especially for swine herds. The focus has been on providing total solutions that cover all stages of life, from the vital weaning of suckling piglets to the special challenges faced by nursing sows.

Here is a typical example to illustrate the Trouw Nutrition approach at work.


The feed intake of piglets can drop during the weaning period, leading to a poor growth-out phase. The challenge with suckling piglets is to form homogenous litters with healthy, active piglets that have uniform growth rates and low mortality. Ideally, the piglets should have an optimal feed intake during the entire production cycle.


We know that a drop in feed intake during the weaning period can often be traced back to the pre-weaning period and the sow herself. To achieve optimal milk production in the sow, combining an optimal feeding strategy with enhanced farm management is essential. If this is still not sufficient for all the piglets in the litter, additional liquid feed as well as dry feed in the farrowing pen should be offered. A supplementary feed like Milkiwean® helps piglets make a smooth transition from weaning to starter feed.


The Trouw Nutrition integrated approach combines products, services and models. Our special mixed products offer a combination of vitamins and minerals for use in compound feeds, so that feed companies can offer complete products to farmers. An appealing and palatable pre-weaning feed encourages piglets to eat, stimulating intake during the first weeks after weaning. Using Selko® feed additives in the piglet feeds also supports development of the gastro-intestinal tract. Our services and models help optimize the farm management aspect, starting with the feeding strategy for sows and then fine-tuning a special weaning programme for the piglets.

This result is lower mortality with more piglets being weaned, more uniform litters, better feed conversion rates and fewer fattening days.