IT specialist

公司 泰高北京
地区 北京
位置 北京
截止日期 30.12.2017

工作职责和日常任务Working scope and daily operation:


  1. 负责用户的IT支持,与用户和服务供应商(Unisys)紧密协作来识别和解决IT事件与所有可用的技术,包括硬件,软件和外围设备。确保向业务部门承诺的服务级别已被交付。

Be responsible for user IT support, work with user and service provider (Unisys) to identify and resolve IT issue with all available technology including hardware, software, and peripherals. Ensure the delivery of agreed service level with the business.

  1. 作为业务应用支持的本地联络人和协调人,包括但不限于ERP(M3),生产自动化系统。 通过与业务用户和内部/外部专家解决组之间的有效协调,确保沟通顺畅,及时解决问题。

Be the local point of contact and coordinator for business application support, including but not limited to ERP (M3), Production Automaton System. Ensure smooth communication and prompt resolution by strong coordination between business users and internal/expert resolvers.

  1. 负责用户IT培训,分析用户培训需求,准备培训内容及对用户进行培训。

Be responsible for user IT training, analyzes training needs, prepare and conduct training for user.

  1. 与供应商紧密工作,确保公司网络和电话线路运行平稳,确保线路高可用性和稳定。

Work with supplier for smooth operation of office WAN and telephony lines; ensure a high availability and stability.

  1. 与全球IT团队紧密工作,对公司IT基础设施提供不间断的技术支持,包括思科路由器,思科交换机,无线设备,语音程控交换机,视频会议系统,服务器等。确保一个稳定,高可用性的IT环境。

Work with global team to provide continuous support for company infra equipment, including Cisco route, Cisco switch, Wi-Fi device, PABX, video conference, server, etc.  Ensure a stable working environment and high availability.

  1. 负责北京办公室及工厂的IT合规工作,与服务提供商合作找出问题并提供解决方案。

Be responsible for IT compliance in Beijing office and Beijing plant, work with service supplier to figure out the issue and fix.

  1. 与本地用户保持良好沟通,负责本地用户的IT期望管理和满意度管理。

Do good communication with local user. Be responsible for user expectation and satisfaction management.

  1. 与其他团队合作进行服务器故障切割测试和服务器备份管理。

Work with team for server failover testing and do server backup management.

  1. 负责日常IT资产管理

Responsible for day-to-day IT asset management.

  1. 辅助部门经理,协助IT相关采购和费用管理

Assist manager for IT related purchase and expense management.

  1. 定期或按照客户需求提供及时准确的IT服务运维报告。

Provide timely and accurate IT service performance report on regular and ad hoc basis.

  1. 对中国区的IT类项目提供项目技术支持。

Provide project-based support for related IT projects within China.


任职要求 Requirements


  • 本科及以上学历,计算机或相关专业。

Bachelor degree or above, majoring in computer science or related field;

  • 良好的服务意识及结果导向,2年以上外企IT技术支持、客户服务类工作经验。

Service oriented and result driven, 2+ years’ experience in IT technical support and customer service related work in foreign company.

  • 熟练掌握Windows7/win10和Office 365产品支持。

Solid experience on Windows 7/win 10 and office 365 support.

  • 熟悉Dell服务器、Cisco网络设备支持及具有基本布线知识

Familiar with Dell server and Cisco network device support. With basic cabling knowledge.

  • 有供应商管理经验

Has experience in supplier management.

  • 能独立有效率的工作,高度责任感和团队协作精神。

Working independently, efficiently with high sense of responsibility and strong teamwork spirit.

  • 清晰简洁的口头及书面表达能力,逻辑思维能力强。

Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in wrting, strong logic thinking.

  • 动手能力强,能独立处理突发紧急事件。

Strong hands-on technical skills, can handle urgent issue.

  • 多任务处理能力

Ability to handle multiple tasks

  • 能适应压力及在变化环境中工作。

Initiative with the ability to work under pressure and changing environment.

  • 良好的英语交流能力,能用英语与国外团队进行日常业务沟通,CET6及以上。

Good written and oral English skill, can use English for daily business communication with foreign team. CET-6 or above.

  • 了解 IT项目管理和ITIL将是一个加分。

Know ITIL IT and project management will be a plus.